Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rock the f*ck out!

I've seen this video awhile back but I still enjoy it to this day.  Such an inspiration.. isn't  it amazing how powerful words can be, especially without music to back it up with.

One of my favorites from him has to be "milos"

Any Anis Mojgani fans out there? what are your favorites?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Werd on

If you guys haven't heard about it yet, check out BetelnutRadio Now! It's an online streaming radio station bringing you music from various pacific islands as well as music from other places around the world.

Oh did I forget to mention it is your station??
Thats right, with our new request feature you will be able to login, search through our whole music library and request any song you would like to hear.. nice huh?

As of right now, we are in the process of finishing up the website so feel free to visit the site, check it out and leave us some input here or at our facebook fan page at  (like us if you haven't already ;) )

More updates will be posted soon as we get more werd! lol


-Pj Camacho

MBW vs. Banksy


So last night I went ahead and saw "Exit through the Gift Shop" for the first time and I gotta say, one of the best documentaries (or mockumentary) I've seen in quite awhile.  The story pretty much covers an aspiring filmmaker/artists' journey to one of the biggest and most successful art shows in LA.  Thierry Guetta (MBW or Mr. Brainwash) the Frenchman famous for capturing footage of the works of some of the worlds most well known street artists embarks on a journey to film Banksy, arguably the world's most controversial street artist.

Now I won't tell you the rest of the movie but I really do suggest seeing it for yourself.  It's a very interesting movie to say the least.  Witness the personalities and hardships street artists go through to get their work out, not only a touching journey but also a humorous one as the characters are pretty funny.  So go see "Exit through the Gift Shop"

Also, what do you think? who's art do you prefer? MBW's or Banksy's? or any of the other characters'?

It's time to wyzen up!...

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Also, of course the pic isn't of me but I sure would love to have that stringed instrument lol.